Growing up McGuire, My Brother’s Keeper   Leave a comment

Anyone  who grows up in a large, tight-knit family may tell you that tensions run high most of the time, that there’s either too much of one thing and never enough of the other.  Each family is different, mine was one big, codependent, dysfunctional mess.

I could never figure out if it was better to be one of 12, or if it would of been better to live a simpler life, where everything had its’ place, everyone was on time, and life layed itself out simply on the same page.

Nah, not my family, and I guess as I think about it, it is probably best for me that I’m blogging because I  have so much material, there was always something happening, every day is a different day, especially as my family expands now to consist of 28 neices and nephews.

Growing up, we hung in clusters, we were all…

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