Death be not proud, an ode to Trayvon Martin   2 comments

There is something in his eyes that resognates a boy loving his life, he plain and simple looked happy.  There in his picture lies the face of a child any parent would be proud of, he did not look menacing, he did not look angry or different.  He looked all american, solid and sure of himself as we all are at the tender age of 17.  He played sports, loved his family and had a girlfriend, just adorably typical.

There is no mugshot of Trayvon to portray to the news media that he was a thug, he was again, typical.  And that will be the downfall for George Zimmerman, God Willing.  If the nation were stupid, Zimmerman would have all of us thinking Trayvon was a wayward thug, a punk, sadly enough, no good.  The defense went so far as to dig up Trayvon’s high school record in which he had a suspension for possession of weed.  Welcome to teenage America, this would apply to many teenage kids.  I will flat out tell anyone I think Zimmerman is a coward, a born coward, who wanted to be a hero and a child died as he tried to fulfill his dream. Although we will never really know the circumstances of  what actually happened, certainly Zimmerman isn’t going to implicate himself.  Yeah, implicate, which would mean him telling the truth that it was he who was the perpetrator and Trayvon was the hunted.

If that was the end of it, and Zimmerman was booked and charged with the crime, this would not be a case in which the world is watching.  It is the underlying message of complete disregard for the civil rights of not only Trayvon, but his family who will live with this indeliable memory forever.  Let’s face it, where do we go after the loss of a child, what path do we follow when our children become our dreams for the future.  I don’t know, I can only pray they find some way to live without Trayvon comfortably.

Zimmerman claims he was attacked from behind by Trayvon, a kid who just left a convenience store at 7:00 p.m. with a bag of skittles and an iced tea, not a contender for a crook on the prowl as Zimmerman tried to justify he was looking for.  He was innocently talking on the phone with his girlfriend when the struggle ensued.  He told police Martin attacked him from behind, punched him in the nose, wrestled hm to the ground and violently bashed his head on the sidewalk.  He then said he pulled out his 9mm handgun and shot Martin in the chest.  Stop there, there’s something terribly wrong with this scenerio, case and point, the sizes of both men. I do not see this happening, and not many can say they do.   And if that were the case, after having his nose punched, and his head bashed against concrete, there would of been physical evidence to demonstrate that, instead, a fit looking Zimmerman with no abrasions walked without aid into the police deparment for questioning.  

In addition, the funeral director who handled Martin’s body stated there were no cuts or other marks on the teenager’s hands that would suggest a violent altercation.  Zimmerman is lying, I speak with no objectivity, I know he is lying.

I find it difficult to believe that a small boy like Trayvon would fathom taking up with a much more intimidating figure like Zimmerman.  I am stating my opinion when I commence that he somehow frightened Trayvon in a bad way.  Whether Trayvon fought back is in question as well since there were no bruises or offensive wounds on his body according to the autopsy report. 

So let’s talk about Zimmerman, who portrayed himself as the victim to police and said he shot Trayvon in self defense.  He is known to have a Jekyll and Hyde personality by his colleagues, one man stating “when he snapped, he snapped”.  He desperately wanted to be a cop and was rejected.  He worked for two agencies that provided security for parties and was fired for being too aggressive.  One co-worker claimed he became a liability due to his temper. 

In one case, a woman was acting a little out of control, she had too much to drink when Zimmerman lost his temper, picked her up and threw her in a pure rage.  She twisted her ankle.

Following the murder, Martin’s family said police officers told them Zimmerman had a clean arrest record.  But a cursory search of county records showed a 2005 arrest on charges of resisting arrest and assaulting a law enforcement officer.  Need I mention Zimmerman is the son of a retired judge and his mother was a court clerk, which means he had connections who I do believe would do their best to cover for him.  There were other arrests for violent assaults, one on Veronica Zuazo who filed a restraining order against him. Three years earlier, Zimmerman attacked her while the two were driving to a counseling session smacking her repeatedly across the face.  He was enraged she had come home late, stop there, I think it’s suffice to say Zimmerman had big problems, a superior personality with an inferiority complex.  These are just a few cases of many altercations with the police in which his arrests were all closed due to his connections.

How he became watch cop for the retreat at Twin Lakes, I don’t know, but what I do know is that he secured a gun and witnesses drew statements stating that he had a fetish for young black males.  Armed with his gun, he set out to patrol the neighborhood of Twin Lakes when he came across Martin.  He was self-appointed as a captain of the neighborhood watch at Twin Lakes and he took his job seriously always calling 911, in recent years he had called 46 times.  He phoned into dispatch and stated there was a suspicious man in a hoodie, the dispatcher warned him not to follow Martin, but Zimmerman wouldn’t stand for that, he had something to prove, he was going to be a hero. He completely disregarded what the dispatch said which was to not follow Trayvon and he ignored her.

The rest of the true story will never come to pass because Zimmerman swears by his innocence, that big bad Trayvon, who according to his girfriend who was on the phone with him, asked Zimmerman twice why he was following him in which he did not answer.

So George let’s get real, c’mon, be a man.  It is obviously your practice to pick on others and intimidte them, you have the personality make up of a bully.  So for the sake of the Martin’s, please stop hiding under your Daddy’s cloak and for once act like a man and show remorse. What compelled you to stalk a frightened child, panic him, and then murder him.  What and who are you to commit such a vile act against another human being.

Your crying now, and you have your Daddy, who by the way George, cannot save you from this one, and your brother advocating for your innocence.  But you see George, the truth is your not innocent, you have brought pain to many people in the past, and now, geez, God forgive you, you have maimed an entire family for once and for all time to come.  Being a bigshot, had to have that gun, you needed to be in, well, this much I’ll tell you.  There will be a day of reckoning.  You will face a jury of your peers and you will have to demonstrate the impossible, that a little guy like Trayvon Martin frightened you to the point that your life was in danger.

George Zimmerman, I have never said this to a living soul, you destroyed so many people, I haven’t a lick of sympathy for you, you waited for this, you wanted this, you fantasized about this and now you have your fantasy fulfilled.  And you cry, as if the world is supposed to shed a tear for your plight. 

Plain and simple is the way i see it, you killed a kid, and I don’t take likely to that, he had his entire life before him and you snuffed it out as if it were part of the events of your day.  The fortress is, and will continue to be surrounded until justice is served.  I regret nothing I write, I have alot of compassion, and too much mercy, but that face, that angelic face, you murdered him, and you know it was without provocation.  You had an axe to grind and something to prove.

I await the victim’s statement once you are sent to prison, I will be happy that the Martin’s receive whatever closure they can out of this senseless, self-serving vigalantism.  You deserve everything you have coming your way.

God Bless Trayvon Martin


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2 responses to “Death be not proud, an ode to Trayvon Martin

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  1. Touching indeed however the laws of physics state each force produces one equal and opposite. George Zimmerman’s fate is sealed; he will face the 9 mighty midgets. Trayvon’s death is, no doubt, a terrible tragedy, a young boy shot down for walking. Take hold of your senses, America is not what it pretends to be. Least you forget Blacks children were, in the not too distant past, routinely killed for praying i.e., Alabama and Mississippi church bombings. On the issue of race, the nation has made little progress since those days. Only lack of want prevents America from being the greatest nation on earth

    Jean-Pierre Chassagne

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