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This is what it all comes down to, despite the efforts of the best of mankind, division, seperation, resentment and anger, well warranted I would have to say. I have to hold on to my faith in God that it is within the minority of hearts who harbor hate for those who are different, whether you are white, black, red, yellow or brown.
Despite that hope, I still see only a certain sector being targeted, but that doesn’t get me down just yet. I believe the best in mankind is yet to come, has yet to be seen, but it will only be through understanding and awareness of what it truly feels like to be on the other side that a change will ever take place. I still believe.
The only way I can possibly see a change in the mentality of this world would be to watch babies, to see how they interact.  They know of no differences, they interact as one, yet babies are still primitive.  They don’t see colors in other babies, or hate other babies even because of color or creed, they interact naturally and beautifully in form.
What is it going to take for us as a society to see each other as babies see each other, no differences, no hate, no predjudice?  I wish I knew the answer, and I know somehow they hold the answer, if we just followed their lead, this world could be a better place.

Posted April 7, 2012 by pennylibertygbow in Uncategorized

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