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By Tom McLaughlin ~

Growing up Catholic in fifties and sixties America affected me deeply and still does. My parents were of Boston-Irish-Catholic-Democrat stock and I was inculcated with the attitudes and beliefs common to that demographic – all cemented by eleven years of Catholic education. I accepted it as most kids do, then began to question it as most adolescents do. After that came seductive, intellectually-fashionable ridicule of conservative Christianity, and especially Catholic teachings of the Magisterium.

For more than a decade, I avoided mass except for weddings and funerals and didn’t realize that many bishops and priests, as well as rank and file Catholics, succumbed to those seductions too. I was shocked to discover in 2002 and 2003 that thousands of adolescent boys were sexually assaulted by hundreds of homosexual priests and bishops who hid their debauchery for decades.

Liberals have fixed the Catholic Church in America about…

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