You May Say I’m A Dreamer, by Penny Liberty   Leave a comment

I suppose things would be different for me if I were one of those people who could compartmentalize the thoughts or information that they inhale every day, but I’m not.  It just never worked out that way for me, which is why the Trayvon Zimmerman case had such an impact on me.

Who knows why race has never been an issue for me, I don’t know and I certainly don’t care, but I do dream of a day when it won’t be an issue for anyone.  I know it sounds far fetched, but I don’t want my kids growing up thinking or believing there is any difference between anybody in the human race, whether they are black, white, red, yellow or even green.  Yet I know they will, somehow they will  be subjected or infected by hate and bigotry. 

I think to myself, I cannot judge others for feeling the way they…

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Posted April 3, 2012 by pennylibertygbow in Uncategorized

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