The World According To Al Sharpton, by Penny Liberty   6 comments

It’s a name in which many white folks roll their eyes, Al Sharpton.  He is put into many categories and stereotyped as a troublemaker, an instigator, an antagonist and just plain in-your-face, angry would be another one.

I see Al Sharpton through different eyes, and I’m white.  I see Al Sharpton in a sense as a hero and I could care less what anyone says because it’s true.  Allow me to ask just this one question, what would the black community and people do without him.  Many complain about him citing another crime, asking where Sharpton is now if it includes an African American.  Hey, look, that’s not his agenda, it’s not what he does.  He shows up for the underdog and yes he has an agenda, whether self serving or not, it is effective.

Right now, Sharpton is the shadow of the Sanford Police Department. He is out there organizing and protesting.  His message is if George Zimmerman is not arrested for the shooting of Trayvon Martin soon he will call for an escalation in peaceful civil disobedience and economic sanctions, although he wouldn’t say it would be against Sanford.

If not him, then who?  Who would stand for the racial predjudice and crimes against blacks if not for Sharpton, he is effective and knows how to capture the media’s attention.  I have no problem saying that I believe racism exists, and anybody who is white who says it doesn’t is a liar.  I know too much, there is less justice for the African American person than the caucasion.

There too me is no justifying what happened to Trayvon, and I see no better person for the case.  Zimmerman should be brought to swift justice and the judge should throw the book at him, he killed a kid.  He is a bully, a menace, and heartless despite how much his family protests in the other direction.

If anything, I would hope Al Sharpton would be grooming someone to act in his stead in case something ever happened to him, because he is needed.  I have no doubt in my mind this was a racial crime, nobody is going to convice me otherwise, Zimmerman got a gun, wanted to play cop and killed a kid.  Send him up the River, and rock on Sharpton!


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6 responses to “The World According To Al Sharpton, by Penny Liberty

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  1. spot on.

    • thank you so much!

    • ok you say he isnt racist, then why do we NOT see in in the media with a BLACK man kills a WHITE man or why dont we see him when its a black on black crime. BUT sure as its a WHITE man kills a BLACK man ol mr al is right there in the mix. NOW we all know that zimmerman killed trayvon,. but IT stop being about trayvon the moment al stepped in and so called taking up for the black community. HELL why cant the BLACK community stand up for thierselves. Every other race does. It always turns into race thing as soon as al steps in. i would like to see zimmerman in jail yes, but let the lawyers do thier thing. and lets get that law out of florida that a stupid law

      • I see your point and I understand how you feel, the emotions are kind of mixed up. But most nationalities have some type of an iconic leader, he stands up for his own people, namely when it is a crime where an unarmed black is shot. I don’t think there is much he can do about the black on black crimes except for trying to pull the community together. Overall, I respect you and your opinion. Kindly, penny

  2. 400 years of TERRORISM in America makes Sharpton a hero to me. The Trayvon murder would never have been investigated if not for Sharpton, same with Sean Bell and others. Blessings to you for highlighting that blacks are Americans and people too, Penny.

    • I’m sorry it took so long for me to get back to you, I was away for a few days. Thank you so much for reading my perspective of Al Sharpton, and yes, I feel the same way. People are quick to point out that Al Sharpton shows up for every injustice calling it grandstanding, and begrudge him for not being there for other crimes when in essence, it’s been a long time coming since THERE has been someone to stand up for racial injustice. You don’t call a heart surgeon to do a brain surgery, Al Sharpton is what I consider,… a specialist. thanks a million

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