The World According To Al Sharpton, by Penny Liberty   Leave a comment

It’s a name in which many white folks roll their eyes, Al Sharpton.  He is put into many categories and stereotyped as a troublemaker, an instigator, an antagonist and just plain in-your-face, angry would be another one.

I see Al Sharpton through different eyes, and I’m white.  I see Al Sharpton in a sense as a hero and I could care less what anyone says because it’s true.  Allow me to ask just this one question, what would the black community and people do without him.  Many complain about him citing another crime, asking where Sharpton is now if it includes an African American.  Hey, look, that’s not his agenda, it’s not what he does.  He shows up for the underdog and yes he has an agenda, whether self serving or not, it is effective.

Right now, Sharpton is the shadow of the Sanford Police Department. He is out there…

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Posted April 3, 2012 by pennylibertygbow in Uncategorized

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