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After months of no progress in the investigation of the death of 45-year-old Darrin Hanna, his relatives conducted an independent autopsy which brings new evidence that his death was a direct result of beating by North Chicago cops.

Darrin Hanna succumbed to injuries after getting beaten by six police officers who came in response to a domestic dispute 911 call. They beat the man and shocked him with a stun gun repeatedly for 20 minutes, even though he didn’t resist arrest.

Attorney Kevin O’Connor says that the autopsy undoubtedly proves that Hanna’s death was caused by severe beating. Some of the numerous injuries listed in the detailed report include multiple internal contusions and acute spleen damage. It is also most likely that the beating triggered sickle cell disease in Hanna’s body. “It’s commonly known that sickle cell can be brought on by trauma. And as result of that trauma he had multi-system organ failure and died, O’Connor said.

The state police said to the reporters, “the Hanna investigation should be wrapping up soon” while Hanna’s family and relatives believe that he would be still alive today if the North Chicago police officers had been properly disciplined for previous allegations of excessive force.







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