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So now what?  Although we will never know exactly what happened the night of February 26th, 2012 to Trayvon Martin, we must rely on common sense and statements made from George Zimmerman.

Yet, I get the impression that Zimmerman isn’t going to speak the truth, he comes across dishonest and angry.  So do we re-enact the scenerio, or do we just simply go by the facts and use good old fashion common sense.

Zimmerman has a history of violence, yet he was deployed as the Neighborhood Watch Volunteer, which many said went to his head.  His persoanlity indicates that the man had a thirst for power and also a fetish for young black men.   On one occasion, he was fired from a job to secure parties when one woman got a little out of line due to alchohol.   Zimmerman picked her up and threw her across the room and this resulted in a sprained ankle for the woman.  Who does this, I ask?

His co-workers and people aquainted with him across the board stated he had a wicked side and that his personality was hot and cold.  The son of a white judge and his mother an hispanic court clerk, he seemed to evade trouble in the past after being arrested for domestic violence and violating an officer.  All I’m going to say for sure is this guy was a real card, ready to blow at any given time.  He had no business in law enforcement although it was his dream to become a police officer, this guy should not ever had access to a gun with his mental state.  He wanted to be a hero.

On February 26th, Trayvon walked home from the convenience store and entered the gated community in which his father lived with his girlfriend. Zimmerman pursued him immediately, following him and stalking him as Trayvon spoke on the phone with his girlfriend.  The last words she heard were “why are you following me” before the phone became muzzled.  Nobody except Zimmerman what happened after that, but something doesn’t make sense.  Let’s just look at Zimmerman’s size compared to Trayvon’s size, tell me what this indicates.  And from this point forward, I commence my own theory that Zimmerman scared this kid out of his wits, Trayvon asked repeatedly according to the girlfriend, “why are you following me”, and I would be scared too.  Zimmerman did everything wrong, he called 911 disbatch who told him explicitly not to follow Trayvon.  He was told that a car was being disbatched with the real law, but Zimmerman refused to listen.

After that it doesn’t much matter does it, Zimmerman was always the aggressor, we could speculate all we want, but the fact remains that Zimmerman wanted to be a cop, a hero, and had something to prove.  Trayvon must of figured he was in big trouble and decided to man up and defend himself rather than bring trouble to his home for who knew who this nut was.  As I read the reports on that night, I cannot see anything Trayvon did wrong, he was frightened, Zimmerman did not communicate to him why he was being followed, what was Martin supposed to think.  He defended himself, and paid with his life.  Dead – at the tender age of 17 years old, leaving scores of loved ones behind to try to make sense of an unnecessary tradgedy.

I’ve known people like Zimmerman, and believe you me, these are not the type of people you ever offer a position of authority.  I don’t know what the personality complex is, but these people crave power and abuse it, they stretch it as far as they can and are usually hated.  Zimmerman was one of them, a man trying to make a name for himself and ended up being a wannabe cop.

That would be all well and good except for the fact that he killed a kid, and here’s where I have big problems with the justice system.  This was a screw up from the beginning, the crime scene was tainted, the cop assumed everything Zimmerman told him despite the fact that Trayvon was without a weapon.  Being brought in for questioning, they let him go, now that is where I have to stop and pause.  Let him go?  Shooting a kid in cold blood, a kid who was unarmed, the differentials in sizes of victim and perpetrator?  Were the police asleep or am I dreaming.

Trayvon Martin’s body was sent to the morgue and it took three days before his frantic parents found him.  A mess is what I call it, a rotten mess.  I indict the police department for failing to do their job in investigating the background of George Zimmerman especially in light of a murder, where they would have found he had a zest for violence.  Instead of admitting they bungled the investigation, they chose to protect the police officer who investigated the crime scene, they chose that!  That was their choice, and for that they should be held accountable, this guy killed a kid.

It took some time before the press got wind of it, and of course there is outrage all over the country, both blacks and whites want justice for Trayvon.  More troubles me, the fact that Zimmerman’s father and brother are now coming forth defending Zimmerman’s actions stating he was afraid he was going to die.  It is truly sad and outrageous.

Zimmerman is still free, not on bond, but free.  He hasn’t been charged or indicted, but word has it he is crying for himself.  Many people are coming forward to speak openly about Zimmerman’s aggressive behavior in the past and still, no arrest.

Nobody’s going to tell me with my fine mind that Trayvon turned into a monster the night of February 26th while talking on the phone with his girlfriend.  This case is all wrong, and it won’t be righted until Zimmerman is behind bars doing a lofty sentence.

This guy wanted to be a hero, he had a fetish for young black men as it is told by many, he was predjudice and a child is dead.  No justice, no peace is what is being chanted now and I couldn’t agree more.  It is time to take a closer look at the criminal justice system, and in my opinion, those cops are just as guilty as Zimmerman.  They let this happen, and they should pay the price.

As for Trayvon’s family, I pray for you, you have had no time to grieve, no privacy even to grieve.  You lost your beautiful son at the hands of a maniac and as a parent, I know this will haunt you forever.  But what’s worse is what they have to go through just to get justice for their son, this shouldn’t be, no.  They have to live every day knowing Trayvon’s murderer is out there roaming free.

Zimmerman has been protected by his father for too long, he’s too much of a coward to come forth now and his family is protecting him, yet he owned a gun.  No sense at all. 

There will never be any justice for Trayvon Martin, there can’t be, this kid lost his life, he will never go to college, he will never marry or have children.  He will never experience life in any sense which is natural, the child is gone.

Zimmerman needs to be put away, he was always a ticking bomb, time to put him where he belongs, with all the other dreamers in the penetentiary.  Keep him there while your at it!

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6 responses to “Trayvon, An American Tradgedy

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  1. Very informative and thought provoking. This consists of more information than I have found in any one place. I pray we NEVER sink the level of Zimmerman and use a vigilante mentality. Lets keep thinking rationally and ‘stand our ground’ for justice.

    Zimmerman will never be FREE again in this life, no matter what happens or where he goes. On that night he painted himself into a corner and changed his own life forever.
    Even if by some tragic failure of the justice system Zimmerman should be tried and freed, there is nowhere he can go in this country as George Zimmerman and ever be respected as a good citizen. His Neighborhood watch days are over. He is not going to become a police officer and unless he moves in with some of the radical supremacists he will not become a “hero” and “There is no glory in being praised by fools”

    • you are extremely insightful, and yes, i do believe he is finished. What i worry about is the fact that time dulls people’s senses, this has to be a priority, especially since he was so young and full of life, that he cannot be put to rest properly until Zimmerman is behind bars, where he belongs. Thank you for an insightful comment. Penny

  2. To me it look like he will get away with it cause he is not lock up at this time and by his Mom being a judge but its not right i hope justice will be serve other then that he will walk away as a free man i know his ass hiding now smh

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    Evidence and forensics are what we must rely on. Justice 4 Trayvon.

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