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Richmond Heights, MO

Anna Brown was just beginning to make progress.  Several months back, her children were taken away from her because her home was disheveled, and she needed medical treatment for depression.

Her children were taken to stay with her mother and in the interum, Anna sought refuge at several homeless shelters.  Her family said she was thriving at the St. Louis Empowerment Center and was determined to get her life together.

Then why is she dead!  Several weeks back, Anna’s leg began to throb and she went to the emergency room to find out what was wrong.  They sent her away, she went twice more begging for help and was again turned away.  Finally on the third attempt to receive medical treatment, she refused to leave, she had enough pain and wanted to find out why her foot was swollen and she was unable to walk.

She was arrested for refusal to leave the hospital, she was at this point screaming.  The hospital was convinced she wanted nothing but drugs, so they sent for security.  At this point, Anna, mother of two children was screaming for help when a physician told the police she was fit for incarceration.  She tried desperately to appeal to them all by telling them she could not walk, instead of looking deeper into the problem in which there were symptoms that perhaps something was wrong, they sent her to jail from the hospital.

At the police station, and at this point, she could not walk, she was in too much pain, so the police dragged Anna to a cold concrete jail cell where they left her on the floor.  She died 15 minutes later.

Her family is outraged and wants answers, and to tell you the truth so do I.  Anna Brown was homeless, destitute, and needed help.  The hospital’s main concern was getting rid of a homeless person to the extent that they sent her off to die in a jail cell.  She was only 29 years old, and that dream she had would never come to pass.

Her family is of course, outraged and is seeking justice, but I look at the bigger picture.  Just how many Anna Brown’s are there in our society, and how many die because they cannot seek medical treatment for conditions which are deadly.  This was a tragedy, this woman should not have died, in fact, her life was looking up.  The hospital showed no mercy.

Anna Brown’s relatives will have to explain to her children that their mother is not coming home, Anna Brown will never fulfill her dream of pulling her family together, she is just another homeless person and written off and deemed unworthy.

Her name was Anna Brown, she was a person, a human being, she deserved better than what was dished out to her in her final hours.  She deserved like any other to die a dignified death, but instead she was the victim of smug doctors who I do hope lose what they have worked for all these years to become a doctor.  They don’t deserve to be doctors, they failed their oath and because of them, others were affected and hurt.

Anna Brown, just another John Doe


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  1. Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™ and commented:
    Anna Brown. Remember her name and add her name to the growing list of those murdered by those we are taught to trust. Those who are supposed to “Serve & Protect”.

    • Beautifully put, wish i thought of that! There is so much racial injustice in this world J, exposing it is difficult, but the proof is there if you read and pay attention to the papers. Thanks for rebloggin!

      • Have missed you around the social media world, you been good?

      • yeah, J, i’m having trouble picking a subject and sticking to it, I usually cover injustices, not just racial, but social as well. What do you think of my writing, i respect your opinion.

      • I have admired your writing from that first day we met in the bloggersphere. Which is why I said I missed you the past week or so. I noticed right off you were absent.

        Hope you get re-focused and come back to your fans. 😉


      • I would suggest you just keep doing what you are doing, injustice, oppression, discrimination. You have a built in audience.

      • ok, will do. talk soon

      • Ciao Bella.

      • oooh, sexy lol

      • Glad you are back.


      • hi J, sorry to bother you. I wanted to ask you what something meant. has been visiting my page according to my stats. I could be reading it wrong though, they are in the referrer section. what does that mean, do you know?

      • It means they have read your articles is all that means. They do that.

      • So it’s nothing significant? They aren’t interested in me as a blogger?

      • oops sorry J, so it doesn’t mean they are interested in me as a blogger, ya know profiling me on the front part?

      • If you are profiled on their main page it means they found your article good enough to put you there….I would assume.

        I don’t see why WP would profile someone’s blog post if they didn’t think it good enough….but that is just an educated guess. I can not know WP’s thinking.

      • they are probably just being nosy, because i’m certainly not profiled on their main page. no biggie, have a good day J

      • J, talk to me, i really am in the dark and i just want to know if they are looking at my blogs with interest or if they do this to everyone. I’m a big girl, i’m not gonna get upset, i just like facts. You said they did that to you and they profiled you, i was just wondering if they are thinking of doing the same for me.

      • Penny, I have no way of knowing what WP’s intentions are for looking at your blog. I can only tell you they look at people’s blogs because others have said they do that. It could be somebody accessed your blog from the WP main page, it does not even have to be a WP official.

        I can’t give an answer if I have no answer why. I never concern myself with what WP does, so that’s the best answer I can give you, I only knew that WP had profiled a few of my post because someone asked me how I kept getting profiled, and I had no answer for them either.

      • ok, good enough, thanks J

      • Good to have you back posting and blogging. I missed your work the past week.

      • I’m having a blast, this comes so easy J, I could do it all day. It would be nice to do a duet with you on perspectives. Wouldn’t that be cool?

  2. I will remember Anna. Thank you for telling her story.

  3. I was hurt when I read this story in the paper. It’s really sad.

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