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    Ms. Penny Liberty has a project that she has undertaken at her site: “Penny Liberty, The First African American Encyclopedia of African American & Cultural History”. Yes, That is the name of her site. I call it a site because it is much more than a blog. It’s purpose is to educate all who are thirsty for knowledge. Please do me a favor and visit Ms. Penny Liberty at her site, “Penny Liberty, The First African American Encyclopedia of African American & Cultural History”. It is a storehouse of information and if you have young children, and want them to receive an education, I highly recommend The “Penny Liberty, The First African American Encyclopedia of African American & Cultural History” web site.

    • You’ve captured the heart of an Irish lass!!! Thank you so much!!!!

      • If I can help you with this project, please do not think twice before saying you want me to assist you. I mean that. We are here for a common cause, education and empowerment & improvement of the minds of humans. I’m at your disposal Penny.

      • Whew! J, that is the first time anyone has offered to help me with this project. I have been offered money for the work I’ve done, but i’m not a sell out, my father meant too much to me. This is going to be huge, and it is going to be without power, it is going to take on a life of it’s own and serve as a vessel to lift up, as i said, African Americans to have their own resource of their own history. How can you help me? Help me to network the thing, I am based out of the Philadelphia area, where I get tons of support on facebook, but I have intentions of turning this over to a website very soon, so it is going to go nationwide. Help me to network, as you have already done. kindly, penny

      • Do you have a Facebook fan page, where people can come and click “like”? I could add a fan page to my blog, that is the only Facebook connection wordpress allows is a fan page, it is very easy to create one. FB has 180 million members Penny, and you could cross post every thing you post in your site to that fan page.

      • I can network your work and share it all over FB, but a fan page will get you noticed, and I can put the fan page on my blog and so can you on your blog.

      • Well, if i were to build a fan page, I would lose all the work i have done already inside Philly and Pittsburg, also, I have been working very hard on getting Obama promoted, and I do that from my profile page. I have thought this over, and I was going to do it, but ruled against it, because I have too many democrat politicians on my site who rely on me to get out the key articles on the black vote to help President Obama. Please i would be honored if you friended me, I’m Penny Liberty. I would love to have you as a friend. I can tell you and I are kindred spirits.

      • Are you the one from west orange new jersey?

      • yes, that’s me, friend me!

      • Could you network me as much as you can, J?

      • Of course Penny…without a doubt.

      • thank you so much J.

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