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Dear Reverend Martin Luther King, Junior

What act could ever follow the life you led here on earth. Who, may I ask, aside from Ghandi and Jesus Christ himself could have made such a lasting impression to all of mankind as you had. I thin…k to myself sometimes and wonder what else you would of succeeded in doing with your amazing friends who aided ad abbetted you as you walked and TAUGHT others to walk calmly through the most panicked of waters.

So much has changed Dr. King since you have left this world because of your contributions and still there is so much more to discover and learn. But there are your teachings, which were perfect, and they shall stand the test of time, and are in fact, right now being used as a demonstration for Civil Rights in Syria. The principles of want combined with the fundamental actions you demanded will never be outdone. Thank you, I speak on behalf of mankind. Penny Liberty See More


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