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Hey everyone, it’s Penny.  You know I worked hard on this site, it took a great deal of thought, concentration, strategy and thinking ahead and then – thinking  in small steps.

I am not your average blogger, meaning I don’t write to get my feelings of my chest or to catalog my life, but I am going to say this to all.  I’m a pretty decent person and an all round kind of woman, I like to yuk it up, but I can get serious.  Now I’m serious.  This site has received a ton of traffic for various reasons I am sure, whether your a history buff, like me, or your just looking for one-time information.   I’m not looking for a doggy pat on the head either, I’m looking for comments, feedback, and ways to improve the site.  Without you how can I know there is someone I missed or someone who brings a soft memory to you whether an entertainer or a sports person.  I’m asking this firmly enough, just leave a comment, or your email if you want to be notified of new postings.  Leave something for me to draw from, I need it because if I don’t get that, this wonderful concept won’t make it, and that’s the way it is.  So help me out here folks, I’m easy, but this is serious business, I would like this collection to teach young children about their heritage and it needs to improve for me to do that, I’m giving you a holla.  Help me out.

 Think about it!



Posted February 27, 2012 by pennylibertygbow in Uncategorized

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