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Michael Baisden, Radio Personality

Michael Baisden is undeniably one of the most influential and engaging personalities in radio history. His meteoric rise to #1 is redefining radio with the numbers to back it up. The show is syndicated by Cumulus Media and is heard in over 78 markets nationwide with over 8 million loyal listeners daily. His career began when he left his job driving trains in Chicago to self-publish his book and began touring the country selling books out of the trunk of his car. Through the power of his sheer determination Michael carved a unique niche as a speaker, radio personality, and social activist. He is always in the lead when it comes to helping those who don’t have a voice. “I’m not one for just talking, either do something or get out of the way!”

Baisden, who now has four best selling books to his credit, has hosted two national television shows, and has recently produced three feature films.[1]

Nationally Syndicated Radio Personality Baisden Communications: His radio career began in 2003 when 98.7 KISS FM in New York City offered him a position as the afternoon drive-time host. Because of budget constraints the station was unable to offer him a salary. Michael’s response was, “Just give me the mic!” And sure enough, within six months, their afternoon drive ratings went from number 9 to number 1.

After eight months of consistent high ratings, Michael suggested taking his show national, but management was apprehensive, suggesting that New York wasn’t ready. A few months later, Michael threatened to quit if management did not pursue a syndication deal. “There was no doubt in my mind that I could have one of the hottest shows on radio! I knew the impact it would have on people all across the country and I wasn’t taking no, for an answer,” Michael rebutted.

Since his radio show debuted nationally in 2005, Michael has captured the hearts and minds of millions of Americans with his provocative mix of relationship talk, hot topics, politics and the best of old school with today’s R&B. When it comes to entertaining, enlightening and educating, no one in talk radio compares. His high energy and love for interacting with his listeners is just one reason for the popularity and success of The Michael Baisden Show. Michael ignites heated discussions with explosive episodic themes like: Infidelity In The Church, Deadbeat Parents, Talking To Your Children About Sex, and Do Women Know What They Want?[2]

Best Selling Author

Baisden Publishing: According to Simon & Schuster, Michael Baisden is “probably the most successful self-published African American male author out there today.” With nearly 2 million books in print both hard and soft cover, his books blend the perfect combination of entertainment, humor, provocation and sexuality. Michael’s vibrant personality on and off the air has made him a people magnet.

He began attracting attention with primarily female followers as author and publisher of the highly successful best selling books: “Never Satisfied: How and Why Men Cheat”, “Men Cry in the Dark”, “The Maintenance Man”, “God’s Gift to Women” and most recently a hot new book “Never Satisfied: Do Men Know What They Want.” Baisden is currently writing his 6th book to be released in 2012. Two of his titles ultimately were adapted into stage plays playing to sold out crowds across the US.[3]

Television Show Host

The author and relationship expert previously hosted a nationally syndicated talk show: “Talk or Walk”, which was a compelling and fast-paced reality series that combined the emotion of talk, the conflict of court shows and the fascination of a relationship series.

Another dream was to host a Late Night Talk show. He got that chance in the fall of 2007, when he partnered with TV One to host and co-executive produce “Baisden After Dark,” featuring comedian George Willborn and band leader Morris Day. The show was a smash hit, breaking records for viewers on the network. The show currently airs weekdays.[4]

Producer / Film Maker

Baisden Film Works: Michael has 2 successful national stage plays (based on his novels); an award winning feature length film presentation documentary titled Love Lust & Lies that deals with relationships and sexuality based on the perspective of people of color; 2 seminar tapes, Relationship Seminar and Men Have Issues Too; a successful web-based community portal and currently a movie in pre-production.[5]

Motivational Speaker

Baisden Entertainment: The Love, Lust & Lies Relationship Seminar Series attracts thousands of standing room only sold-out crowds nationwide as he tours the country. As a motivational speaker he has been an inspiration to hundreds of thousands attending his seminars and events. As well as numerous national Baisden Live Tours, he has also produced international Island Jam events in Jamaica and has an exclusive trip to South Africa upcoming.[6]


The Michael Baisden Foundation: A non-profit organization was formed with a goal to eliminate illiteracy as well as promote technology and is dedicated to education, support and advancement in our communities. Michael’s own passionate testimony as to how books changed his life gives hope to those who have been enslaved by the shackles of illiteracy.

In December 2009 Michael called for a National Mentor Training Day and announced his plans for a 2010 nationwide campaign. He pledged up to $350,000 of his own money to be donated in over 72 markets he would visit on a bus tour. The outreach was named “One Million Mentors National Campaign To Save Our Kids.” Michael challenged his listeners to match or beat his donations and get involved. In October 2010 President Barack Obama publicly congratulated Michael on his efforts. He founded the Michael Baisden Foundation focusing on education, literacy and mentoring. Michael believes that “books change lives” and he is living proof![7]

Social Activist & Community Leader

Baisden’s proudest moment came on September 20, 2007, when he passionately and skillfully spearheaded the famous Jena 6 March in Jena, Louisiana. This historic and momentous occasion garnered tens of thousands of citizens of all races to peacefully march in support of six young men who have been unfairly treated by the justice system. In addition, he urged millions of listeners to wear black on September 20th in protest of unequal justice. The news traveled throughout the country. Everyone from college students of all races to corporate executives wore black in support of the Jena 6.

Another historic year was 2008. In late January Michael endorsed Sen. Barack Obama in the democratic primary. He celebrated President Obama’s victory with over 4,000 fans at a watch party in Miami on election night. The Obama camp along with millions of listeners credited Michael with being one of the major forces behind this historic victory to elect the first African American to the Presidency of the United States.

In 2009 he once again stepped up and answered the call of the National Association of Free Clinics. With Michael’s help they were able to get more volunteers than they needed and get the word out to the countless thousands that needed the free health services.

Michael continues to entertain, enlighten and educate as he pursues one of his first dreams, to have his novels adapted to major motion pictures.

In 2011, Michael continued to expand his media reach when he produced, wrote, and directed a groundbreaking relationship film titled, “Do Women Know What They Want?” The reviews have been amazing! “It was time for something new and exciting, and no one else was doing it, not like this!” Michael said. Get ready! It looks like the baddest man on radio and late night TV will be in theatres near you soon![8]

 Love, Lust & LiesBaisden is also often associated with his topic of “Love, Lust & Lies”, and has recently turned this popular and familiar topic into a film: Michael Baisden Presents: a Love, Lust & Lies: The Documentary. This film can be compared to documentaries such as “Real Sex” on HBO, which deals with relationships and sexuality but from the African American perspective. The film is rated for Mature Audiences Only. “It’s amazing to me how many people are afraid to be open about what they want inside and outside the bedroom.” Michael says. “Hopefully, after watching these interviews they’ll be more willing to explore their sexuality and to discuss issues such as infidelity, adult toys, and the Swinging lifestyle.[9]

 Baisden After DarkBaisden After Dark, is the late-night TV Talk Show series starring the Nationally Syndicated Radio Personality, Michael Baisden, also known as the Bad Boy of Late Night TV, The show airs on TV One, and is now in its second season. Once again Baisden is exploring provocative and off-the-chain topics that most people have only thought about but never discussed. His partners include: Comedian George Willborn aka the Stress Reliever of Comedy and musician, Morris Day, who conducts the house band.

The After Dark party is the place to be as the bad boys discuss topics such as: “After the Affair: Do you forgive and forget or do you remember…..and remember?”, “Obesity in America,” and “Sex 101,” just to name a few.[10]

Do Women Know What They Want?Baisden continues to expand his media reach when he produced, wrote, and directed a ground breaking documentary film titled, “Do Women Know What They Want?” The film takes the engaging and energetic host to the streets of Atlanta, Dallas, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, New York and Washington, D.C. to talk directly with women about what they want in relationships. The upbeat, funny, thought-provoking, and very candid documentary film invites conversations with women and men to discuss their views on relationships.

 Michael Baisden FoundationJena Six March[11]
Free Clinics[12]
One Million Mentors National Campaign to Save Our Kids[13]
Gospel for Teens / Mama Foundation Auditions – Honorary Judge[14]
Partnership with Black and Missing Foundation[15]
Mentoring Brothers partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters & Black Fraternities


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  1. I like your blog. It’s nice to see a variety of African American men and women…especially in a positive light. I look forward to continuing to explore your blog. Keep up the good work!

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