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Charles Edmund Nash (May 23, 1844 ā€“ June 21, 1913) served a single two-year term in the United States House of Representatives from Louisiana.


Nash was born in Opelousas, the seat of St. Landry Parish) in south Louisiana. He attended the common schools and was a bricklayer by trade. During the American Civil War, he enlisted in 1863 as a private in the Eighty-second Regiment, United States Volunteers, and was promoted to the rank of sergeant major. In 1865, he was appointed night inspector of customs.


He was elected as a Republican to the Forty-fourth Congress (March 4, 1875, to March 3, 1877). He was unsuccessful as a candidate for reelection in 1876, as Redeemers regained control of Louisiana politics. He served briefly as postmaster at Washington in St. Landry Parish during the Chester A. Arthur administration, having served from only February 15 to May 1, 1882.


Nash died in New Orleans at the age of sixty-nine. He is interred there in St. Louis Cemetery No. 3.



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